Marcus Paus


  • Ode to Oscar
    Voice & Piano

    Text: Kate Pendry (in English)

    Durata: Ca. 4'

  • Shadow Ballads
    For Voice & Guitar

    I. Alone

    II. Eldorado

    III. The Haunted Palace

    IV. Annabel Lee

    V. A Dream Within a Dream

    Text: Edgar Allan Poe (in English)

    Durata: Ca. 15'

    Commissioned by Øystein Stensheim

  • The Darkened Room
    For Violin, Cello & Piano

    I. The Darkened Room

    II. Winterreise

    III. Silent Cities

    IV. Walzburg Revisited

    V. Shostakovich in Memoriam

    VI. Angelus

    VII. Death Passages

    VIII. De Profundis (09.23.22)

    IX. Toteninsel

    X. Christopher Robin

    XI. Aftonland

    Commissioned for Catharina Chen, Amalie Stalheim & Åse Mathiesen by The Arctic Chamber Music Festival 2023

    Durata: Ca. 23'

  • The Munch Room
    For Solo Violin & Electronics

    I. The Scream

    II. Moonlight

    III. The Kiss

    IV. Madonna

    V. Ashes

    VI. The Dance of Life

    VII. The Day After

    VIII. Death in the Sickroom

    IX. Self-Portrait

    Commissioned for Ingerine Dahl by Sparebankstiftelsen Dextra

    Durata: Ca. 30'

  • Atlantic Crossings
    For Euphonium & Tuba

    I. Prelude

    II. Fugue

    III. Hymn

    Durata: Ca. 8'

    Commissioned by Bente Illevold for The Northern Lights Duo, with funding from The Norwegian Composer's Fund

  • De Profundis
    For Voice & Organ

    Christopher Rådlund in memoriam

    Durata: Ca. 5'

  • Fantasia
    For Guitar & Piano

    I. Sarabande

    II. Scherzo

    Durata: Ca. 10'

    Commissioned by Petter Richter

  • På jorden et sted
    For Voice, Double Bass & Piano

    Text: André Bjerke (in Norwegian)

    Durata: Ca. 3'

  • Portrett i C (A Portrait in C)
    For Voice (mezzo) & Brass Quintet

    I. Preludium: Fra først av

    II. Mærradalen

    III. Livet og jeg

    IV. Den velsignede

    Text: Ole Paus (in Norwegian)

    Durata: Ca. 15'

    Commissioned by Nordlysfestivalen & NyNorsk Messingkvintett

    For Voice & Piano

    Text: Kate Pendry (in English)

    Commissioned by Tora Augestad

    Durata: Ca. 5'

  • Sonetter fra Moabit (Sonnets from Moabit)
    For Voice (Bar.) & String Trio (Vn., Vla., Vc)

    I. I lenker II. Faren III. Rottetog IV. Mor V. Skyld VI. Skjebne VII. Lyder

    Text: Albrecht Haushofer/André Bjerke (in Norwegian)

    Durata: Ca. 25'

    Written for and commissioned by Ssens Trio & Yngve Søberg, with funding from the Norwegian Arts' Council.

  • Klagene (Lamentations)
    For Voice, Guitar & Cello

    I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. VIII. IX. X. XI.

    Text: Morten Claussen (in Norwegian)

    Durata: Ca. 15'